Nerf N-Strike Blue Longshot+ free shipping w/Clip E16

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Item location: Tacoma, Washington US
$24.99 USD
+ Free shipping

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Condition is Used. Longshot condition is used has scratches scrapes scruffs.
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Nerf N-Strike

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Rare blue original Longshot why pay for a shell that works exactly way the original work save yourself some money learn how to mod and have a great time!

The price is super low because of how high the shipping is sometimes to ship I want it to be fair. Because of the length and the weight these things are expensive to ship.

Vintage Nerf N-Strike Blue Longshot CS-6 w/Clip FREE SHIPPING E14. Condition is Used. Shipped  this is the original OG Nerf Long Shot rifle, this thing is awesome for customizing painting or just connecting some fun accessories to if you don't want to.

  spend $200 on a 3D printed guns that will break easy go ahead and get yourself a Longshots,.

and watch some YouTube videos and learn how to modify it! and you can make it as powerful or as weak as you want it depends on your playing style it's a very versatile Blaster so have fun enjoy and let me know if you have any questions thank you.

Longshot condition is used has scratches scrapes scruffs.

But they're all tested and in working conditions!

each Longshot is a little different if you want an individual picture please let me know before purchasing otherwise can't help you thank you. All sales are final.

If anyone from New York orders or Florida I'm pretty much given this gun away for free because of how much it's going to cost me to ship it to them LOL.