2 Chinese Praying Mantis Juveniles

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Two Living CHINESE Praying Mantis Juveniles. Age : L3-L4 Juveniles - About 1" Long. Praying Mantis Egg Cases, and. Live Food for your Mantis . We include a detailed care sheet, so don't worry, it's not that difficult.
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    Two Living CHINESE Praying Mantis Juveniles.

              - Species: Chinese (Tenodera sinensis).

              - Age: L3-L4 Juveniles - About 1'' Long.

Praying Mantises make a fun and fantastic pet or can be set free in your garden for pest control.

If they will be your new pet, be sure to have plenty of food for them;.

they are voracious eaters and will be hungry when you receive them.

Hydei flightless fruit flies along with other supplemental items are appropriate at this stage.

Praying Mantises are also a beneficial garden friend or a fascinating Biology/Science experiment.

These juveniles eat small insects - We recommend.

which we offer at www.PrayingMantisShop.com or on our Ebay Auction HERE.

You'll also need an appropriate enclosure. The shipping container can be temporarily used to house your friends,.

but they will eventually each need their own enclosure.

Complete and easy instructions are included, and we are here to answer any.

These guys are easy to care for and so fascinating to watch and play with. You can even teach them to eat from your hand.

These Mantises are L3 or L4, meaning they have molted (shed their skin) two or three times and are about 1'' in length.

When full grown, they will be reach 3 - 5 inches long.

* We offer Live Food for your Mantis, Praying Mantis Egg Cases, and Enclosures at.

SHIPPING: We ship via USPS priority mail. We ship Monday through Wednesday only so that packages.

Orders placed after 10am PST Wednesday ship the following Monday and will take 2-3 days (occasionally longer) from then to reach you.

LIVE GUARANTEE: By purchasing this item, you are agreeing to the following terms. Please do not order is you do not agree.

We do guarantee live delivery, we do not guarantee that the mantises will continue living once.

they are out of our hands and in your care. If 24 hours have passed since delivery and your mantises die, we cannot be held responsible. We include a detailed care sheet,.

so don't worry, it's not that difficult. Praying mantises must be consistently fed, watered and provided with the correct environment. If you do that, you shouldn't.

have any problems with your new buddies. Also, your shipment cannot be left outside in the heat or cold for any length of time.

Please be available to retrieve your shipment immediately upon delivery. We want your mantids to arrive in the best condition possible.

IN THE EVENT OF A DOA: This is rare, but if it does happen, please let us know of any problems within 24 hours of delivery.


We will request that you send them back to us in a letter sized envelope.