Villain Dashboard compatible with Marvel Champions™ - Custom 3D printed

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Villain Status - There are 2 slots above the villain that will prominently show their current status cards. Notes on 3D Printing and Quality.

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the FFG LCG games so far, but it was love at first sight once they.

released their excellent Marvel Champions™ card game. I've always been.

enthralled by the battles between heroes and villains, the saving of.

innocents and the thwarting of evil schemes, well, now I get to do it in.

game form, and soloable at that! I immediately wanted to find a way to.

make the game flow better/faster and came across some great ideas that.

locations for all the stats you need to track, all card related areas.

- Villain Health (if you'd like to track it via dice, this slots 2 D20s, I prefer spindowns).

- Villain Status - There are 2 slots above the villain that will prominently show their current status cards.

Main Scheme Tray - To stack the layers of the villains main scheme,.

along with an adjacent main scheme threat tracking area with 2 D20 slots.

for tracking the villain's progress towards their main scheme.

- Acceleration slots - 2 slots that can hold acceleration cards to speed up the villains encounter card draw.

up to the table with something unique, fun and useful! Check out our.

other RealityFoundry offerings and combine to save on shipping!

Note: Cards, Dice and Tokens used for scale, not included in the sale.

hold my prints to a high standard of quality and what you see in the.

photos is indicative of what to expect from your order. However, due to.

the nature of 3D printing, these products may have visible filament.

printing lines and/or bed adhesion artifacts. These don’t affect the.

functionality of the product, however if you’re unsatisfied with the.

product you’ve received, I’ll do what I can to reprint them to your.

initial design "Marvel Champions Villain Dashboard" - By KrisWall at.

a personally designed item intended to be used with the Marvel.

Champions: The Card™ game. I am in no way affiliated or licensed by.

Fantasy Flight Games or any other publisher of Marvel Champions: The.

Card™ game™. These items are intended solely to increase the enjoyment.